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 »  11 Questions "To ask a Lawyer"

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11 Questions "To ask a Lawyer"


 1.   Have you handled a similar case before?

 2.   How many years have you practiced ?

 3.   What types of cases does your firm handle currently?

 4.   Is there a fee for the initial consultation? If so, how much?

 5.   Do you sign a written fee agreement or payment outline with clients?

 6.   What are your rates? Do you require a retainer (up-front payment)? How much?

 7.   Who would be actually working on my case?

 8.   What are my strengths and weaknesses in this case? Is the likely it may result in a suit?

 9.  If we go to trial? If we settled out of court? How much could the gain or loss?

 10.   How long, may my case take?

 11.   May I request references?

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