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When do I need a lawyer?

When do I need a lawyer?

» When you have tried to resolve a matter by speaking directly with the parties involved with no result.

» When you or your company is threatened with legal action.

» When you've been served with papers (summons, subpoena or warrant).

» When opponent seeks legal council.

» When in a transaction of importance (signing a contract, buying / selling a home, need a contract drafted, starting a business, etc.)

» Whenever in any type of litigation you feel, you need someone to look out in your behalf.

Do I need a lawyer to write up my Lease or Purchase Contract?

If you are leasing property with an option to purchase, it is best to have it done by an attorney. There are disadvantages as advantages,and can be tricky at times. Besides you will need two documents, a lease with option to purchase, and a purchase agreement.
It is in your best interest to call an attorney before you sign.

Do I need a lawyer if I am investing in a new or second home?

When involved in any-type of litigation of a second or a first home, you will always want to appoint a trustworthy legal representative. Especially when involving a legal document, you will need some to watch out for your wintriest as well as someone to explain all terms or conditions before you enter any-type of a legal agreement.

I have been falsely accused of a crime.
Should speak to the police without an attorney?

Many of the cases that pass through local Police Detents are closed, simply due to insufficient data or supporting proof. In life, Police and various legal departments are not perfect and there is always room for human error.

Many people are falsely accused of murder, rape, domestic violence, even drug possession due to negligent officers making mistakes during their investigation, or unlawful searches of homes, cars, etc.

The system is not perfect, people have served years in prison, because they did not have committed legal representation... when they needed it.

Best wait till your lawyer appears to advise you what is best.
That's why we are here! Speak to no-one!

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