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 »   5 STEPS in Choosing a Law Firm

 »  11 Questions "To ask a Lawyer"

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5 STEPS in Choosing a Law Firm

1) Identifying Your Legal Issue

In order to execute a solution to a situation, one must determine what type of legal issue and what area it is associated to.

2) Experience

Once you have identified a firm, review and research and any other pubic information online information to learn more about them.

» What key points should you look for in your investigation ?

» How long has this firm / lawyer been practicing law?

» What different types of cases has this firm / attorney handled?

» What required knowledge and out of the box thinking does this firm possess that might help you in your solution?

» What is the firms / attorney’s credentials, educational background and areas of expertise?

» What is their reputation?

» What practice areas do they specialize in ?

Bottom Line " What are there experiences as well as there results" ?

3) Personality

Studies indicate that a lawyers personality has just as much importance in your selection process. What to look for:

» Type of personality
» Communication skills
» Professional appearance
» Level of Comfort and Trust
» Empathy to your case or situation
» Observe their confidence and thought process (after all, it is what's needed to solve your situation)

4) What should I ask the firm / legal representative ?

» Is their a initial consultation fee?
» How will I be billed hourly, a flat fee,on a contingency basis or a retainer
» Can there be additional Fees?
» What is the estimated cost?
» What can I do to keep cost at a minimum?
» How much is required up front (if applies)?
» How long could it take to resolve the situation?

5) Conclusion

In the end, we all seek the same. We all wish to solve the situations that interfere with our daily lives or business quickly, calmly, and with the least bit of discomfort financially, physically and mentally.

That is why in choosing the correct legal representation...
we have to assure ourselves we have chosen the best!

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